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Our services:

Imagination :

Creation faculty, conception and invention abilities.

Originality :

Group of surprises, of what is uncommon.

one’s attitude consisting of using formulas one believes to be those of the future.
character of what is unique.

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Our specificities

Art :

Ability or talent to do something.

Expression by a human being of an esthetical ideal, a sense of harmony or an interest in the search of forms.

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Aspiration :                                                                           
Desire, momentum that leads toward an ideal, toward an ultimate goal

Daring entrepreneur. Motivated self-employer. Refined aesthete. Enterprising hopkeeper.
Original craftsman . Innovative architect. Bubbling stage director. Visionary hotel owner.

You aspire to : 
— convey your values in an original way 
— communicate your skills in an original manner
— appeal by your unique attraction

We support you.

Fearless industrial. Imaginative engineer. Inventive banker inventive. Talented lawyer.
Receptive contractor. Strong-minded woman. Adventurous restaurateur. Exploring manufacturer. 

Fanciful hairdresser. Exceptional doctor. Passionate amateur. Enthusiast baker.
Hardy manager. Sensitive singer. Unconventional librarian. Innovative decorator. 

You aspire to: 
develop your work in a precious way.
build your image in an unusual manner.
ensure your reputation in an incomparable way

We create for you.

Brilliant notary. Inspired perfumer. Knowledgeable expert. Skilled florist. Innovative pharmacist.
Avant-garde investor. Enthusiastic manager. Talented leader

You aspire to:
Thank your partners in a surprising way
— Give subtle emotions
Gain your clients’ loyalty in a unique manner

We materialise for you.

You aspire to: 
Revitalise your position in an incredible way
Unify your human capital in a luminous manner
Favour exception in an original way

We make it happen for you. 

Method and step

byJOHN process :

— research and development specific painting techniques : byJOHN stained glass effect, byJOHN lacquer ancient processes,
well-tried technology

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