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6 rue des Abeilles

F.67220 Villé

+33 3 88 92 07 76





byJOHN process :

research and development

specific painting techniques : byJOHN stained glass effect, byJOHN lacquer

ancient processes, well-tried technology

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Imagination :  

creation faculty, conception and invention abilities

Originality :  

group of surprises, of what is uncommon

Futurism :

one’s attitude consisting of using formulas one believes to be those of the future

Uniqueness :  

character of what is unique


byJOHN, custom-made ART

Innovative creation Art Business

Transfer, Communicate, Appeal


Our imagination is our strength, we put it at your service for:

allowing your artistic projects to take shape

— valorising your business in a way that will allow your clients to be aware of your potential and attractiveness   
resolving your identity concerns by showing your skills, your values ​​to your investors


Dynamism, Unify, Favor


Our uniqueness is our engine, we put it at your service for:

architecting your space according to your philosophy and thus boost your position
harmonizing the workplace of your human capital to enhance it and encourage it to engage in your

developing a set-design according to your ideals to capture an audience, customers or thank your resources


Develop, Establish, Assure

Our futurism is our originality, we out it to your service for:

making the setting you want and that represents your work
creating a material atmosphere that you like, a moral climate that motivates you and builds your reputation
inventing things that you like for fun or to insert your investors in the innovation loop of your projects


Thank, Give, Retain


Our uniqueness is our talent, we put it at your service for :
shaping an object, a piece of work that expresses your gratitude to your partner, your employees
manufacturing something that will bring the sensitive touch of your personality to your project
developing a product, a milestone, an atmosphere that generates emotion so that you retain your customers.




Galerie en beau Regard Saint-Légier/CH


JayKay Gallery Mézières vd/CH

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