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6 rue des Abeilles

F.67220 Villé

+33 3 88 92 07 76



My process

History of a creation, mine. Of the heaviness

of the bronze, in the dématerialized rust until the transparency of the lacquer


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Me, Marie J. John, artist, craftsman, creator:marie-sensory
I lived and work on Villé in, Alsace since 2007.

Born on March 26th 1968 in Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, I have expressed myself through pictures since I was a child and I went in for a career in this direction before fully devoting myself to my Art. Since 1999, I have often exhibited my works in Switzerland and abroad and gained contracts.


2008 is the birthdate of my project. I almost worked full-time on it and it's about to be completed. At the same time, the idea of byJOHN, custom-made art, has fully matured and found its realization in 2010 through the founding of a company and the creation of a range of energizing and harmonizing works under the label: byJOHN, the original trademark.


My intention:

To apply art has always been one of my wildest dream..


To set up an events, scenographies, to harmonize home or business spaces, to create objects, luminaires, furnishings or custom-made paintings are ways to fulfill it.

I believe my art then becomes valuable. A special mean of communication.

I strive to ensure that my work, be it fleeting during specific events or durable in its application, conveys positive thinking and emits a unique essence to meet everyone's specific needs.



My reason for being :

Capable of breathing life into the yet unliving, I like to set my imagination free, observe thoughts and consciousness emerge and come into contact.


My inspiration enables me to give a concrete expression to a thought, an energy.

Non-matter transforms from invisible to visible.

Using my ten fingers, I feel like I am playing with life. I then become a creator of my time.

And whereas I endeavour to give to my time a piece of what mankind needs, life offers itself.


This way, I believe that my works become up-to-date, innovating and useful.


My beliefs:

I know there is an invisible source inspiring all my works, those already created as well as those still to come.

And the more I gain awareness of what goes down and through me, the more I gather ideas to give shape to.

         1.Creation goes through me to get embodied.

         2.I don't invent anything, I receive.

         3.My ability to receive is the strength of my creation.


Therefore, all that is expressed is right.


My inspiration :

As soon as the consciousness of my future work emerges, I must get down to it. I do not worry about my appearance and put off my personal concerns.


Creation is urgent when it is about giving life. In my workshop, there is no need for a watch. Out of time, intuition becomes my reference point. Humility seizes me as I get to work.


I am in doubt. How shall I welcome what is coming?


However, this fragility guarantees that I am able to honestly deal with the creating process I receive in its own form, beyond my moods.


My quest:

After experimenting with different approaches such as watercolours, oil painting, glassmaking and ceramics, my research led me to a technique combining tint areas and volume on three-dimensional paper structures.


My signature works are sculpted and pigmented with pure golden or bronze colours.

Iron and its rusty destiny and live copper salts are part of their secret chemistry.

I like when colours are revealed through the translucid canvass or glass and allow subtles flashes of turquoise or dark purple light.

Doing so, I am led from the depths of the earth to the infinity of the sky, onto the paths of knowledge.


What triggers my thirst for light.





Une fée dans les grottes de Valorbe


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Galerie en beau Regard Saint-Légier/CH


JayKay Gallery Mézières vd/CH

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