Structure your space with pieces of artwork which fit your profile perfectly

Custom made creations for a hotel


Create the event with original solutions to structure all your spaces


Means of communication of the values for a company


Decoration of scene for the VIP evening of the Show "Salon International de l'Habitat de Montagne" of Megève


 Scenography created for a jazz concert


 Harmonization of a stand in the show sihra


 Partition walls in a waiting room

Scenography for the inauguration of our workshops


Harmonization of a passive house

The Restoration of a farm of the XVIIth
Custom-made atmosphere Read the suite...


Harmonization of a banking institution

Custom made creation. Read more ...

Wall of separation of offices on countertop

Creation on-measure. Read suite ...

Scenography for Mari Boine

Norwegian singer, artist of the Phare ethnic music and artistic ambassador of the Sámi people. Read  suite...

ELECTRIC LIFE PICTURES Interactive byJOHN SHOW is a meeting unlikely of artist who had a blow of heart for the creations of Marie J. JOHN. Read suite ...


Wall of bright shower

Wall of bright separation

Harmonization and layout of a mexicain restaurant

  .Ambience on - measure . Read the suite ...


Effect stained-glass window artworks painted

  .Specific byJOHN technique. Read suite ...


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