The TRENDS marie byJOHN 2013

Light and interactivity...

As usual, these unique pieces, developed in our workshop, will have for intentions to be at the same time beautiful and useful. To creat pieces that are source of emotions, feelings, thinking and elevation is essential. In 2013, the mastery of technique along with a visionary technology will give to our whall collection a central direction which will have for foundation : energy, balance and avant-gardism.

                                                                                                                                                               Marie J. JOHN and heir team


NEW/January 2013 :



sign led newSignaletic " Sign'Led "

byJOHN Light Pictures Collection


" Sign'Led " works for exceptional display boards : artwoks that inform, transform and sublimate your home or professional spaces (hall, hotel room, reception, ...)





luminescent cm detour



" Les Luminescent's "

   byJOHN Light Collection


Original artworks to put on a luminous base. Fully independent, these works  can be quickly set in your living room as well as in your garden and match all your needs !